Arctic Connect moves forward: Hanko Data Parks among group of international investors joining Cinia Alliance

Hanko Data Parks joins Cinia Alliance

Arctic Connect, the joint telecom cable project between Cinia Alliance and Megafon becomes more international as new partners from Japan, Norway and Finland joins Cinia Alliance.

The planned, over 10,000km long trans-Arctic submarine telecom cable will provide an alternative route between Europe and Asia, to complement, strengthen and secure existing connections.

Currently, the project is in development stage and undergoing feasibility studies to prepare for the construction phase, which is scheduled to start in 2022.  The cable is aimed to be ready for service in 2023/2024.

The Arctic cable is set to land in the northern Nordics, from where the cable will branch to other locations across Europe. As one of the new investors in Cinia Alliance, Hanko Data Park’s goal is to secure a cable branch to Hanko, which would further strengthen Hanko’s position as a hub for international data traffic.

Artic Connect, Technical details as planned:

  • 3 sub-systems: Express, International, Russia
  • Between 8-16 Fiber Pairs
  • Design capacity of 18-22 Tbit/s per FP
  • 18 000 km total system length, including additional branches

Read more: Cinia press release

Investors and operators are warmly welcomed to Hanko, Finland.

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