Connectivity. Reliable green energy. High cyber security.

Finland has an outstanding infrastructure. Whether it´s concerns ICT-networks, electricity supply or air, sea, rail and road traffic, it just works in Finland.

Excellent connectivity

Hanko’s location between the east and west of the Eurasian continent is strategic from the perspective of global connectivity.

Green energy

Energy production from solid biomass, biogas, solar and wind power has increased in recent years. Currently over 40% of the energy in Finland is produced from renewable sources.

Cyber security

The favourable Finnish legislation to store and handle information has led many data center operators to establish their business in Finland.
Finland is seen as a leader in data privacy (i.e. secrecy of information and correspondence).
The legislative environment of Finland is quite different, even from that in the other Nordic countries, since our law imposes strong legal protection from surveillance.

Safe , cool and clean

Finland is the safest country in the world
The risk to be exposed to natural disasters is the lowest in the world in Finland
The cool climate enables free cooling
The air in Finland is the third cleanest in the world

Low costs

In Finland, industrial consumers of electricity enjoy one of the lowest total costs of energy in Europe. Data centers enjoy electricity prices that are even below half of those in Germany, Ireland, or the UK. Furthermore, owing to the energy tax rate of only 7.03 € / MWh (for datacenters above 5 MW), the total cost of energy is very competitive, even in comparison to the other Nordic countries. Finally, our corporate tax rate of 20 % is significantly below the EU average, and the lowest in the Nordics.

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