Hanko Data Parks is a consortium of two cities, a utility company and a fibre-operator company. Starting 2019 Hanko Data Parks also has an cooperation agreement with Fortum. Our aim is to develop the hub as a strategic interconnection point for connectivity between Asia, Russia, Scandinavia and Europe.

The fact that the latency to Stockholm is only ̴ 3ms also opens up interesting possibilities for the diversification of Data Centers.

City of Hanko- A place for success

The logistical location of Hanko is superb. The railway, the first-rate traffic connections and the excellent import and export harbours create great opportunities for nationwide, as well as international entrepreneurship. Hanko is also situated at the crossing of optical fibre connections to Stockholm, Germany and the Baltic countries.

The city of Hanko is one of the most industrialised cities in Southern Finland. One of the targets for future industry in Hanko is focusing on sustainable development. Finland’s largest solar power plant is being developed in the region and Hanko is also the country’s largest continental producer of solar power.

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City of Raasepori - a new city for new business

The City of Raasepori will be 10 years old in 2019, and is a new city in the heart of Finland’s south-west coastline. We offer a great environment for companies. Together with our neighbour-city of Hanko, we can give your company a good, solid environment with top-notch connections and greenfield sites suited explicitly for data center activityactivities. We do it by bringing together, preparing and offering all the necessary infrastructure elements. Welcome to the new city for new business in Finland!

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Raaseporin Energia

Raaseporin Energia is the local utility company in the Hanko-Raasepori region. We are owned by the municipality of Raasepori and regional economic development is a key task for us. We are here to serve and help in all matters regarding energy – may it be electricity, cooling, back-up- power or heating.

We operate part of the electric grid in the region and three district heating networks. We are also a major supplier of renewable electricity produced by wind, biomass and solar.

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Karjaan Puhelin

Karjaan Puhelin is the leading provider of fibre-optic communication services in the Hanko-Raasepori region. The people of our region have been relying on us for their communication needs since the beginning of the 20 th century. Our customers in the region are also our owners.

We operate a fibre-optic network that connects every corner of the region with the metropolitan Helsinki area in the east, as well as the Aland Islands and Stockholm region in the west. Our network is also present at the FICIX 1 & 2 traffic exchange nodes in Helsinki. We are partners in the C-Fiber/C- Lion submarine cable project with connections between Helsinki and Frankfurt, and we cooperate with all major domestic operators in Finland.

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Investors and operators are warmly welcomed to Hanko, Finland.

We are happy to tell you more.