1000 MW site joining Hanko Data Parks in Finland

Fortum has chosen Hanko Data Parks as partner for marketing their new greenfield hyperscale site.
The new site is now the 5th in Hanko Data Parks’ portfolio. The zoning of Inkoo DC, a 150 ha area for
datacenter, is on-going and will be ready during 2019. The site offers possibilities to improve project
ecology and economics through large scale solar power and energy/heat reuse. A 400 / 110 kV
substation is available on-site and power supply can be extended up to 1000 MW. An existing sea
water cooling system is available at the site and the area is also suitable for air cooling.

Fortum is a leading European low CO2 power and heat company and committed energy partner for
datacenters. Click here for more information about Fortum.


Hanko Data Parks is a Multisite Data Park, where the distance between the sites is 8-25 km. This
opens many possibilities for diverse Data Center-solutions.

Connectivity to European hubs is excellent. Arctic Connect, the subsea cable via the Northeast
Passage, significantly improves connectivity to Asia and North America.
Green Energy is available from existing Wind, Hydro and Bio (biomass) Power.
Heat recovery– the utility company buys excess heat, which will be used for district heating.


Past events in April 2019

Don´t miss the extensive panel discussing Asia’s Next Digital Hubs with Nitipong Boon-Long –
SUPERNAP (Thailand), Agneta Evers – Hanko Data Parks, Michael Hunter – CBRE Asia
Pacific, Andrew Rigoli – Equinix, Kim Schultz – Invest in Denmark, Narendra Sen – @Rackbank
Datacenters Pvt. Ltd. chaired by Joshua Au 花哥.


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